Journalism Has Not Always Been So Bad

Journalism Has Not Always Been So Bad

Prestigious professions are known for attracting attention wherever they are practiced, even for a limited time. Looking at the way journalists were treated in the past, you can only look back with a smile of approval for this field. Collecting stories was never an issue of sneaking in, and asking questions to people who are not pleased with your intrusion as it is sometimes called. The sources of news items were ready to provide more, even with pleasure to the extent of inviting a journalist on duty at their expense. The idea of being heard still appeals to many, but at that time things were spiced up with enthusiasm from the respondents.

Incidents of journalists being attacked have

Incidents of journalists being attacked have filled media houses even with terrible occasions where these heroes have gone missing without a trace. At some point, you might feel like there are no organizations or activists watching such injustices taking place in broad daylight. Lest assured, it is in the full view of every responsible entity, whether they are prepared to do something about it or not doesn’t matter because the situation has been going on for a long time. Sometimes, it can even leave you wondering whether the same organizations still benefit from the services of the professions.

In extreme cases, respected government officials

In extreme cases, respected government officials have come out attacking reporters openly. All efforts to condemn such behavior seem to have fallen on deaf ears as the situation continues to worsen, instead of providing a glimmer of hope. When these powerful members of society are asked why they take such action, most of them simply blame the journalist for one reason or another. Instead of taking time to protect the men and women sacrificing their lot to provide current affairs to citizens, these just turn aside before continuing with their business. If the problem is not sorted out in time, a point will be reached where upcoming generations simply shun such professions.

Journalism Has Not Always Been So Bad

Imagine what the former reporters used to enjoy when occasions could come for a government official to call them to their functions in person. After covering such events, they would proudly receive a token of appreciation, aside from all the logistics arranged well in advance. Even when a news item would cover a story the official is not that happy with, an apology would naturally find its way to their desk with full courtesy. Demanding apologies with sanctions or threatening the institutions or professionals involved was not even a matter borne to their minds. It was all clear that they had respect for journalism, and its professionals.

A good look at what is left behind leaves many lessons for today which show areas that have always been problematic. The favorable environment that used to be there also left room for a lot of improvement and points to note which should have received attention much earlier. When visiting far-flung areas for official duties, there is no place where deliberate measures were put in place to protect the news gatherer. Matters were left in the hands of the media house, and any other initiatives the reporter would have in mind to improve his security. This game of chance was opening the route for more inconsistencies to come in the near future.

Choosing a career in the newsroom requires your full awareness of what you are going into so that when the going gets tough, you are ready. Those who tell you that a particular profession is all rosy, are not building you because they are hiding the vital truth you deserve. By deciding to go for a profession that can put you in the public domain, you also acknowledge the risks it comes with. Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of a heated situation where potential interviewees are agitated, and ready to unleash their anger. Your part in this matter is simply to enlighten the masses about current affairs, including that dangerous eventuality you are confronting.

Reporting negatively about a regime taking care of national affairs always receives negative reactions from the involved parties. It is even more dangerous at the moment when most governments are losing popularity with the same citizens who voted them into office. This trend of demonizing journalism hasn’t just started with recent happenings. It existed way back, but not with the current challenges coming on the scene.

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