Rumors Of Google Pay Ban In India

Rumors Of Google Pay Ban In India.

According to the National Payments Corporation of India, Google Pay is not banned in the country, but is permitted and secured by the law. And the statement was made to clarify the situation, and end reports stating that it has been stopped in India. This is because the supposed ban of Google Pay by the Reserve Bank of India was trending on all social media handles in the country. The NPCI made it clear that the company is only there as a legitimate app provider for users nationwide. They added that transactions on their platform are authorised and protected by law, since they are still working together with them, to ensure application access to mobile phone and Personal Computer users in the nation.

The NPCI is a government organisation

The NPCI is a government organisation that deals with making transactions and payments on digital platforms in India, and they are the ones who created the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), which can be used to make payments on platforms like Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe. Recently, a trending topic on social media stated that the Reserve Bank of India has stopped all operations that has to do with Google Pay. Following that news, it was also known that the RBI said that the aforementioned method was no longer a system operator for paying for apps again. But after it started to spread, the NPCI made it known in a statement that it is still allowed, and in use.

Rumors Of Google Pay Ban In India

Based on the statement they made, RBI has made them a Payment System Operator of Unified Payments Interface, and with this power given to them, they still work alongside all UPI members like Google Pay. They added that Google Pay is a known application provider for third parties in India, and they are still involved in providing UPI services like the others. This has to do with working in line with their partners in the bank, and performing operations under the UPI system of the organisation. And all transactions that are made with any of the authorised providers of applications by third parties, are completely covered by certain procedures.

Even with the clarification that was made by the organisation few days ago, the disturbing news has still continued to spread, and has become one of the trending topics on Twitter. The RBI made a statement in the High Court of Delhi to respond to a claim by Abhijit Mishra, a well-known economist. This is because he claimed that they enabled these monetary operations without getting the go-ahead from RBI. In their defence, the Reserve Bank of India said that Google Pay does not use any system of Payment, and that is why they are not in the list of authorised users.

Then they told the Court that due to this reason, they are not violating the law, and their customers already have full access to the same feature. So, for those saying that they have stopped working with Google Pay to make transactions in India, they should learn to downplay rumors and find out the truth before making any false claims.

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