What Are The Factors Affecting US Journalism

What Are The Factors Affecting US Journalism

Journalism has been greatly disrupted by many factors that have resulted in a fall in its quality. In the last few years reporting news was limited to a few reputable media houses which were licensed to produce news. It was possible to get news that was authentic and verified as this was reported by professionals. In the United States, it is difficult to get news that is reliable because almost every internet user is now a newscaster.

It is difficult to distinguish between

It is difficult to distinguish between fake and genuine news because some are now using it to make quick money. There are some mainstream media houses in the United States which reported the news that were reliable and verified. With the massive use of the internet across the country, most individuals no longer have time to listen to the news. There are more journalists than on TV and new stations.

What Are The Factors Affecting US Journalism

The internet has provided users with communications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and several others. With millions of users on Facebook and Instagram, most users now depend on social media to get news updates. Unfortunately, most internet users, especially on social media, are there to make money. They may not focus on providing authentic news but, some can even decide to change news headlines to make them suit their readers.

With most internet users becoming self-acclaimed journalists it is difficult to tell if the information you are reading online is true or not. Social media platforms in the United States are fighting against free speech. This is because; others have used the “free speech” opportunity to express themselves with certain utterances that have resulted in chaos. To avoid this situation, some platforms have taken strict measures to sanction anyone who uses the platform to create violence.

Most Americans have reacted negatively to the move as it has prevented people from freely expressing themselves. The United States is regarded as the world’s superpower with the most powerful economy. Its democracy is unique as it seeks to embrace transparency and freedom of speech. But, with the recent situation in the US, there are mixed feelings about whether free speech will be eliminated from the country. Others perceived this as a way of infringing on the people’s rights by telling them what to say and how to say it. This kind of communication is considered faulty as it removes honesty in communication especially when you are threatened to speak the truth.

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