Why as a Journalist You Can’t Do Without Media Convergence

News reporting has steadily changed over time due to the changing consumer appetite for more engaging content. This is because information and news consumers are no longer passive as before, but are now getting more involved with news than before. The smart technology has introduced an entirely new approach to the newspaper and broadcast mass-media. With access to gadgets that can arrest all types of signals, more consumers are now actively responding to news or busy capturing their own. This has been made possible by the accelerated growth into convergence journalism. Convergence journalism combines all the major forms of media to tell a more effective story.

This kind of journalism has taken

This kind of journalism has taken advantage of the opportunities presented by modern technology. Instead of just reading an article in a newspaper, a consumer can read it online by accessing the link to such a story, watch a clip containing the same information online or listen to the audio. Better still, you can click on the story slideshows for more in-depth news. More news audiences are becoming socially engaged as they join sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and other sites that offer such opportunities to respond, create as well as interact with media. After realizing that news audiences have become more engaged with different contents, convergence journalism has assembled all forms of content and is using it to appeal to every consumer segment.

Stories presented in all four formats

Stories presented in all four formats have been confirmed to be more effective on the targeted audience. It has also helped capture an audience that may loathe one form and be interested in the other. Consider people who are poor readers but can easily watch moving pictures. You can attract them by casting a TV program that has items of interest assembled as moving images and accompanied by an audio narrative. Many media stations now use such a format where professionals, analysts, political leaders and other senior citizens appear live on TV programs.

Why as a Journalist You Can't Do Without Media Convergence

After realizing that news audiences are now pro-active in things affecting their lives, journalists are now more actively involving consumers in talk shows in an attempt to capture more attention and gain popularity. Winning a bigger percentage of viewers translates into more revenue, which is why the focus is on numbers and not the quality of the story. But media houses across their editors will still want the storyline to be engaging as well as good quality. Editors must ensure that all stories meet the set standards while abiding by the laid down regulations.

Now that newspapers can include audio and video on their web publications, the attraction is enormous. Most readers prefer the video part while those who love reading follow the text link. Broadcast stations can now include text in their news broadcasts so that those who follow more keenly through reading have the opportunity to do so. You have often noticed the slides of text that flash below the TV screen. They are meant to effectively reach the news to more audiences by attracting passive viewers who love reading for themselves. This type of convergence has proved to be more useful in attracting a huge following.

Broadcast stations make money by convincing a large following to view their programs daily. The more viewers you have the more income you get. They mostly get income from sponsored adverts, programs, soap operas and other forms of paid content. Any broad station with more views will attract more investors to advertise their products through their channel. Unlike the earlier publications which had text and pictures, modern newspapers can now be hosted on web pages. Newspapers can now post a video or audio clips containing the latest news besides text.

The technology has revolutionized how news is packaged and has increased its reach to more people. The journalists who once worked in the old format have to learn the new technologies. If they fail to grasp the new approach, their content may no longer be relevant. To avoid being irrelevant, most of them have returned to classrooms to learn new technologies in journalism. Having seen how new systems are transforming how people interact with news, every journalist is embracing the new technology. Media Convergence has become more invaluable in inseminating news and is becoming more popular than any other system.

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