Objective journalism is being eroded because of the influence of major players that want to control them. From the onset, journalists had absolute freedom to express their views as they appeared without any alteration in the facts. That is gradually being discarded as some have taken to this platform to project themselves. The media is normally expected to be an independent branch of the government which has the power to broadcast news with little or no influence. In most cases, journalists and other personnel have been sent to jail because of the reported news that favors some politicians. Others have had their stations closed down to speak the truth. Objective journalism is undergoing serious challenges, it is being influenced by authorities that want to control the news and manipulate experts to play to their tune.

This is the case in most

This is the case in most countries, especially in developing countries where media houses have scrutinized their news to ensure it doesn’t get some officials offended. To be objective means reporting the news as it happened without manipulating or changing the figures to appeal to most individuals. In most developed countries; the media has come under serious attack for trying to report objective news. Taking away honesty from them and forcing others to report news that doesn’t exist has taken away objective news from most of them. Others are now reporting the news to help them gain favor from politicians and other government officials. There is no more objective journalism, if you ever attempt to report news that doesn’t please others, you will likely face serious attacks. Most media houses in the United States are suffering from serious attacks for reporting objective news.

Why Is There No More Objective Journalism

Free speech is no longer allowed, especially if targeted against a top politician, and you may run the risk of getting closed down if you speak carelessly against any top official. It is difficult to tell if the news headlines factual or not because of the pressure of politicians that have greatly threatened reporters and prevented them from being objective with their reports. There are different categories of journalism with each having its specific functions; major types include investigative, broadcast, sports, trade, and entertainment journalism. Investigative journalism is quite risky, especially when it involves questioning top administrative personnel. In most places, journalists are expected to send their interview questions for review before the due date to ensure the person to be interviewed doesn’t get embarrassed.

It is troubling to see journalists twist the facts just to avoid stepping on the toes of some officials. Others have been sent to jail for telling the truth about what they saw or heard, objective journalism is no longer allowed as most politicians have taken over the media houses to use them for their political influence. Objective journalism can be implemented if journalists are allowed to do their job without pressure from any authority. If officials can allow journalists to do their job without being pressured, they’ll ensure their audience gets the right information without any misleading information. It may be difficult to be honest, especially with the pressure they face from authorities.